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Shoulder Pain:
I chose acupuncture after having orthscopic surgery on my left shoulder. I also had 1 year of unsuccessful physical therapy for my daily pain. I did not want to use prescription drugs so tried acupuncture with Dr. Mahal and found that it relived 80% of my daily pain in my shoulders.- Margie B.

Knee Pain:
I have had at least 10 years of severe knee stiffness with having at least 2 cortisone shots over time, with only temporary relief. Since I have had acupuncture from Karanpreet- NO cortisone and minimal knee pain.- Margie B.

I have arthritis pain in knees and fingers: two treatments so far and will continue for a few more until relief is strongly noticeable.- Lillian L. (2010)

I have had insomnia for many years. Acupuncture tretments have helped me sleep better.- Lillian L. (2010)

Flu/ Cold symptoms:
Acupuncture has helped me greatly when I had a bad flu. Karanpreet treatments relived it a lot. She is very skillful, very attentive and caring. Karanpreet is very good at what she does. Lillian L. (2009)

Knee Pain:
I have spur in my right heel and pain in Achilles tendon. After six treatments about 90% better.- Lillian L. (2010)